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Governor Tony Evers introduced a strongly pro-conservation and pro-water budget proposal to the Legislature last month. With the understanding that the state is in just the opening moments of the process to pass the two-year state budget for 2021-23, Wisconsin Lakes applauds Governor Evers for standing up for clean water to protect our health as well as our prized lakes, streams, and wetlands, for calling for resiliency in the face of a changing climate, and for encouraging responsible outdoor recreation which benefits our rural communities.

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DNR asks public to properly destroy aquarium “moss balls” that may contain invasive zebra mussels

The WI Department of Natural Resources is urging Wisconsinites to immediately remove and properly dispose of commercially purchased “moss balls” for aquariums after invasive zebra mussels were discovered in balls sold in Wisconsin and across the United States, according to a March 11, 2021 press release.

According to WDNR, the moss balls are sold under names including “Betta Buddy Marimo Balls” and “Marimo Moss Ball Plant Grab N Go.”

“We are asking all pet stores and related retailers to please inspect and remove all these products from shelves,” said Amy Kretlow, DNR Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring Specialist. “We are also asking any consumers who may have bought any moss ball products in the past month to please inspect and dispose of them properly; do not flush moss balls or contaminated water down toilets or drains.”

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Thursdays @ 4:00 Free Webinar Series

Webinars on interesting and engaging topics for you and your lake organization. Free online every Thursday at 4:00! Register for individual sessions and view recordings of past talks here.

THIS WEEK: May 13, 2021
Lake District Treasurer 1: Before the Annual Meeting

This workshop is designed specifically for Lake District Treasurers. Managing a lake district budget is not the same as working with finances for a lake association or other type of organization. This workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to create and manage your lake district’s budget. We will cover specific compliance rules that lake districts need to follow and take your questions about treasurer responsibilities.

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Upcoming topics:

May 20 ~ Local Boating Enforcement Grants

May 27 ~ Lake Association Capacity Training Discussion

June 3 ~ Electronic Communications, Websites, and Lakekit

June 10 ~ Regulating Recreation on Lakes: Carrying Capacity

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Wisconsin Lakes, formerly known as the Wisconsin Association of Lakes, is the only statewide non-profit organization working exclusively to protect and enhance the quality of Wisconsin’s 15,000 lakes. For more than 20 years, Wisconsin Lakes has worked toward statewide solutions for the challenges faced by our abundant natural water resources while supporting strong local protection efforts. We represent citizens and lake groups like you who care about Wisconsin’s lakes as a shared resource, and who appreciate the value lakes bring to our quality of life, tourist economy, and property tax base. Wisconsin Lakes seeks to protect the natural wonder of our lakes, and preserve our collective right to boat, fish, hunt, ice skate, swim and enjoy the scenic beauty of our shared public waters.


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