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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recently announced that it would begin considering environmental impacts when reviewing applications for high-capacity wells. In a June 2, 2020 press release, the agency said it would begin doing so “pursuant to its duty to protect and preserve navigable waters under the public trust doctrine,” a duty upheld by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in its Lake Beulah Management District v. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources decision from 2011.

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What’s Your Capacity?

Over 500 lake associations and 212 lake districts exist today in Wisconsin. Each group has individuals like yourself from different backgrounds with a variety of skill sets, all working together to improve the quality of our lakes.

Whether you are part of a lake association or a lake district, you are contributing your time and skills to protect in partnership our legacy of lakes. Extension Lakes is interested in how you rate your organization’s capacity to accomplish it’s goals, and is collecting feedback via a survey.

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Lake District Treasurer Training – Still time to sign up!

Are you a bright eyed, newly-elected treasurer for your lake district wondering what to do next or maybe a grizzled veteran number jockey in need of a brush up on your duties?

Attend our special online training webinar for lake district treasurers in Wisconsin on Tuesday, September 22 from 4:00-5:30 to learn all the ins, outs, and best practices.

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All of Wisconsin Lakes webinars and presentations on the impact of COVID-19 on the state’s lake organizations are available for viewing on the Wisconsin Lakes You Tube Channel

COVID-19 and Wisconsin’s Lake Organizations

While Wisconsin is slowly reopening from the stay-at-home orders of April and May, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact lake organizations across the state.

We’ll be providing updates on how the crisis is impacting lakes right here and through our emails and other communications. From what’s happening to DNR lake-related programs to best practices of how to govern your lake organizations, count on us for information and advocacy.

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From all of us at Wisconsin Lakes, we hope you stay safe and healthy through this difficult time.

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Wisconsin Lakes, formerly known as the Wisconsin Association of Lakes, is the only statewide non-profit organization working exclusively to protect and enhance the quality of Wisconsin’s 15,000 lakes. For more than 20 years, Wisconsin Lakes has worked toward statewide solutions for the challenges faced by our abundant natural water resources while supporting strong local protection efforts. We represent citizens and lake groups like you who care about Wisconsin’s lakes as a shared resource, and who appreciate the value lakes bring to our quality of life, tourist economy, and property tax base. Wisconsin Lakes seeks to protect the natural wonder of our lakes, and preserve our collective right to boat, fish, hunt, ice skate, swim and enjoy the scenic beauty of our shared public waters.


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