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Happy Thanksgiving from Wisconsin Lakes!

To all of our members and all those who work for the betterment of Wisconsin’s waters, we offer our heartfelt thanks!

By Michael Engleson, WI Lakes Executive Director

Once again, the season of thanks is upon us, and here at Wisconsin Lakes we have much for which to be thankful.

We are so blessed to live and/or play in a water-rich state like Wisconsin. Whether or not we really have more lakes than our neighbors across the Mississippi, we cherish every one we have, from the less-than-five acre ponds to mighty Lake Winnebago (and who can forget the two Great lakes whose shores we share).

The story might be apocryphal, but legend has it that Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be our national bird, so we thought it fitting to give you a bald eagle image in honor of this day of thanks. Happy Thanksgiving from Wisconsin Lakes! Photo credit Earl Cook.

From the board and staff of Wisconsin Lakes we also want to thank all of our members and sponsors – individual, organizational, and business – who help us in our efforts to ensure safe, healthy lakes, rivers, and waters for all.

And on a personal note, I’d like to thank my board president, Cathie Erickson, all of our amazing directors, and my friend and colleague on staff, Dave Pausch. And let’s not forget all of the great folks who work alongside us in the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership at DNR and UW-Extension Lakes.

So, this Thanksgiving, whether you’re on a lakeshore or not, take a moment and say a word of thanks for lakes. And maybe for a day, set aside the politics and debate. Unless you’re with family from Minnesota – then the “who has more lakes” debate is hard to avoid.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!