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Is Your Lake Association Grant Eligible?

WDNR Reminds Associations to Confirm Eligibility for a Surface Water Grant

Reposted from WI Dept. of Natural Resources release on April 23, 2024

As we approach the next Surface Water Grant application cycle, we encourage all organizations who are considering applying to confirm their organization’s eligibility.

This does NOT apply to lake districts, sanitary districts, counties, municipalities, natural resource agencies, tribal governing bodies and other local units of government.*

Lake associations, surface water management organizations, river management organizations, nonprofit conservation organizations, producer-led groups and school districts must apply for eligibility before applying for a surface water grant. Organizational eligibility must be reviewed at least every 10 years.

If your organization is not listed in this document or if it has changed its bylaws, please submit a Grant Eligibility Application Form 8700-380 and supporting documentation to your regional environmental grant specialist in order to be considered for funding in the future.

We encourage all entities who have yet to apply (or re-apply) to do so as soon as possible. Why so soon? If your organization has to amend its bylaws or restore its good standing with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, it will have plenty of time to do so prior to the final grant application deadline in the fall.

*IMPORTANT: Counties, municipalities, natural resource agencies, tribal governing bodies, other local units of government, accredited colleges, universities, technical schools, lake districts, and town sanitary districts are automatically eligible to apply for a Surface Water Grant. These organizations do not have to submit the Grant Eligibility Application Form or contact us to confirm eligibility.

Guidance Updates Coming Soon

Our program updates our guidance and forms annually. In June, we will post our draft guidance on the Surface Water Grant webpage. We will host a 20-day public comment period. This is a wonderful time for you to provide comments on the program’s policy and guidance. You will receive another email notice when the guidance is posted.

Thank you for your interest in the Surface Water Grant Program!

Questions? Reach out to Laura MacFarland, DNR Surface Water Grant Program Manager, at  or 715-499-0309