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Ripple Effects: A Great Read About Lakes

Book Review: Author Ted Rulseh, a WI Lake Leaders Institute graduate, published “Ripple Effects: How We’re Loving Our Lakes to Death”

By Michael Engleson, Wisconsin Lakes Executive Director

Ted Rulseh. University of Wisconsin Press (October 2022)
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Journalist and Lake Leaders graduate Ted Rulseh published his new book “Ripple Effects: How We’re Loving Our Lakes to Death” this fall. This excellent follow up to Rulseh’s “A Lakeside Companion” covers all the major threats to our lakes, covering everything from aquatic invasive species to phosphorus-fueled algae blooms to newer threats like the complications caused by more powerful watercraft and their abnormally large wakes. Through it all he talks to numerous experts from Wisconsin and beyond (full disclosure: You might find your reviewer within these pages as well – no claim of expertise implied).

In a testimonial written for the book, John Bates, himself author of a wonderful new book, puts it well.

“A marvelously thorough synopsis of the many daunting issues surrounding lake management. Rulseh utilizes case studies, interviews, and a storytelling format to frame the issues, making the book an easy and pleasurable read. He also doesn’t leave the reader wallowing in the problems, instead offering sage advice on the many ways we can turn our love of waters into positive actions to protect them. Highly recommended.”
—John Bates, author of Wisconsin’s Wild Lakes: A Guide to the Last Undeveloped Natural Lakes

Ted writes the newspaper column “The Lake Where You Live” and is active in lake-advocacy organizations, including the Wisconsin Citizen Lake Monitoring Network. The editor and publisher of several books on the Great Lakes region, he is the author of A Lakeside Companion. He lives in the lake-rich region of north central Wisconsin and was elected president of the Oneida County Lakes and Rivers Association in 2022. You can get even more info about him and his other works at his website, https://www.thelakeguy.net/