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Time to Comment on DNR Water Grant Program Revision

DNR Announces Public Comment Period for Its Surface Water Grants Code Revision

Wisconsin DNR recently published the following announcement regarding the revision of its surface water grants program.

Public comment sought on the DNR’s surface water grant program

Contact(s): Alison Mikulyuk, DNR lakes and rivers team leader, 608-264-8947

MADISON-The public comment period to provide feedback on a proposed consolidated administrative rule governing the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ surface water grant program opened on June 17 and will continue through July 24.

The proposed language can be found under Board Order WY-18-15 on the department’s proposed permanent rules site. The department’s web page on NR193 has more information.

The surface water grant program helps local groups protect and restore lakes, rivers and wetlands, and control aquatic invasive species by providing around $6.5 million each year in the form of cost-sharing funds. Local organizations and units of government use the funds to improve the lakes they manage and live on, protect their property values, and ensure resources are protected and restored for the benefit of nature and society.

The consolidated code will clarify policies, improve customer service and satisfaction, improve administrative consistency and efficiency and is designed to support better and more cost-effective environmental outcomes that serve local needs and advance department management objectives for state surface waters. Goals of the rule creation include uniting current subprograms under one consistent set of procedures and policies, updating management standards with reference to new statutory programs, supporting management at the watershed scale, enhancing accountability and allowing for performance standards.

Written comments may be submitted at the public hearings, by mail or email to Alison Mikulyuk, Department of Natural Resources, 101 S Webster St. Madison WI, 53703, call 608-264-8947, or email to . Written comments may also be submitted to the Department at .

Interested parties should sign up for the Surface Water Grant Program electronic newsletter to stay informed of developments.