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Clean Boats, Clean Waters amidst the pandemic

A Lake Organizations & COVID-19 Webinar from Wisconsin Lakes

Thursday, June 11, 2020 ~ 4:00-5:30pm
Free! ~ Registration Required

While Wisconsin continues to reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic closures, lake organizations wishing to do boat landing monitoring and inspections for aquatic invasive species on watercraft face a patchwork of federal, state, county, and local guidelines on how monitoring programs will move forward in the summer of 2020 and what the requirements and rules are for individual landings.

In the latest of a series of webinars on lake organizations and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll take a deep look at the shape of the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program this summer. We’ll learn the current status of the Dept of Natural Resources and its progress towards reopening in general, as well as hear from CBCW program staff from both WDNR and UW-Extension Lakes. Topics likely to be covered include:

  • Different approaches to monitors by the overseers of DNR, local, and national forest boat landings
  • The timeline and protocols recommended for organziations who choose to move forward with their CBCW programs
  • Information on how all of this impacts an organization’s CBCW grant

Join hosts Mike Engleson (Wisconsin Lakes) and Eric Olson (UW-Extension Lakes Program) and scheduled guests Erin Macfarlane (UW-Extension Lakes Program), Alex Delvoye (WDNR, CBCW grants) and Tim Asplund (WDNR) as we take stock of AIS boat landing monitoring and inspections in the summer of COVID-19.

We won’t be seeing this in 2020 – CBCW in the time before social distancing

This webinar has limited seating but will also be streamed live and recorded on Wisconsin Lakes’ YouTube channel. Written questions and answers will be taken – questions about an individual organizations CBCW or other DNR grant may not be able to be answered on this webinar.