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DNR asks public how notice should happen for aquatic plant management treatments

REMINDER: Comments on public notice whitepaper for the NR107 aquatic plant management rule revision due this Sunday, May 16

The WI Dept of Natural Resources is in the midst of revising its rules for aquatic plant management. Draft rules will be released in the coming months that combine the current rules for chemical-based treatment of aquatic plants (NR107) and non-chemical based treatment (NR109) into one comprehensive version of NR107. The new rule will take a holistic, adaptive management approach.

As part of the rulemaking process, the agency has released several whitepapers on different aspects of the project. Right now the white paper on how APM chemical applications are noticed to the public is up for public comment through May 16, 2021.

WDNR would like to know your thoughts on how notice of a proposed APM permit should be provided (newspaper? online?) and where and how notice should be provided at the lake itself when the treatment occurs.

It’s important that DNR receive as many comments as possible from as wide an array of individuals and organizations on this as possible. Especially with this particular issue, the comments the agency receives will help them develop the standards to go into the draft rule, so this is the time to speak up on how you prefer to be provided noticed if and when chemical treatments are used in your lake.

To submit comments, send them via email to Madi Johansen at:


For more information on this and the other whitepapers as well as general info on the rule proposals and how you can participate, check out DNR’s APM rule revision web page.

And watch for more information and analysis from Wisconsin Lakes as this rulemaking moves through the process.