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Last Chance to Nominate a WI Lake Steward

Deadline of Friday, December 1, 2023 for Wisconsin Lake Stewardship Award nominations

2016 Award winner Burnett County Lakes & Rivers

Do you know an outstanding person or group who dedicates time and talent to our state’s water resources? We encourage you to nominate them for a prestigious Wisconsin Lake Stewardship Award!

The Wisconsin Lakes Partnership presents the Wisconsin Lake Stewardship awards each year in celebration of the extraordinary volunteer and professional efforts made to protect and improve lakes in Wisconsin. The Stewardship Awards represent our best collective effort to honor and celebrate all the incredible work that goes into ensuring the future of our state’s legacy of lakes.

Nominations are due on Friday, December 1, 2023. Learn about nomination categories, scoring and criteria, as well as information on how to submit an nomination, at our Wisconsin Water Week pages!

(Nominations must be submitted through the process provided via the link. Nominations emailed or sent to Wisconsin Lakes or submitted through any other means may not be taken up for consideration this year)