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Speak for Clean Water – Round 3-4

Speaker’s Water Quality Task Force to Hold Hearings June 12 and 13 The Speaker’s Water Quality Task Force, a bipartisan joint committee of both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature will be holding two public hearings this week to collect information and gather your input on the problems and solutions to Wisconsin’s water quality crisis. Too […]

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Task Force Sets First Water Quality Hearing

Speaker’s Water Quality Task Force to Take Public Testimony By Wisconsin Lakes Staff April 30, 2019 The first opportunity for the public to speak in front of the Wisconsin legislature’s bipartisan Water Quality Task Force is set for Wednesday, May 8. The task force, created by Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos (R-Rochester) in the […]

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Wisconsin DNR Unveils Draft Strategy for Aquatic Invasive Species

What Do You Think? DNR Accepts Public Comments Through Aug 31 By Michael Engleson, WI Lakes Executive Director August 9, 2018 Starry Stonewort in the southeast. Zebra mussels encroaching on the northwest. Eurasian Watermilfoil a constant irritant to lakes across the state. Aquatic invasive species (“AIS”) like these are a scourge on lakes, rivers, and […]

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This time its the wetlands…

Bill would exempt 20% of Wisconsin’s wetlands from permitting requirements By Michael Engleson, Wisconsin Lakes A bill exempting “non-federal” wetlands from Wisconsin’s wetland permitting requirements is set to receive a legislative hearing on Thursday, December 21, 2017 at the State Capitol in Madison. The Senate Committee on Natural Resources and the Environment will hold a […]

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Navigability Bill Gets Hearing, Questions

AB599/SB506 would impact across Wisconsin, though written for a single project, and some legislators question if it’s needed December 4, 2017 By Wisconsin Lakes staff Tuesday, November 28 proved to be a busy day in the Capitol as both Senate and Assembly committees held public hearings on a bill that would restrict the WI Dept […]

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Why restrict navigability?

Wisconsin Lakes opposes bill that would limit protections on some dammed lakes, restrict DNR from navigability determinations By Wisconsin Lakes staff As reported earlier by Wisconsin Lakes, AB599/SB506 would restrict the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) from determining an impoundment (a lake created by a dam) is a navigable water if the water being dammed was […]

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Navigable? Says who?

Bill would restrict DNR’s ability to determine some impoundments are navigable waters, exempt those waters from many water quality protections By Wisconsin Lakes staff A bill set for separate hearings by both Senate and Assembly committees on Tuesday, Nov 28 would restrict the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in certain circumstances from determining that a lake […]

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Help Coming for Well & Septic Replacement

FULL SENATE TO VOTE ON MEASURE IN SEPTEMBER October 27, 2017 By Wisconsin Lakes Staff A long awaited Senate vote on a bipartisan bill that would provide financial assistance to families in need of replacing contaminated wells is now set for Nov 7. SB168, whose Assembly companion, AB226, already passed on a voice vote in […]

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Shoreland Zoning: Mandatory, and Out of the Budget

A Wisconsin Counties Association proposal to further to make shoreland zoning voluntary is bad policy for Wisconsin and should stay out of the state budget July 3, 2017 By Michael Engleson, Executive Director With the legislature still working out the details on a solution to education and transportation funding, time remains for citizens to register […]

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